Alcohol Interlock Ignition Device, Program Cost & Breathalyzer System 


Most people who get their licence back after a drink driving offence will have a mandatory Alcohol Interlock Condition (“I condition”) on their licence. This means that as part of your punishment (and rehabilitation) you must pay for an Alcohol Interlock machine to be installed in your vehicle which must remain for a certain period of time. The period of time will be advised as part of the sentence handed down by the Magistrate and will appear on your Licence Eligibility Order.

Once you get your licence back from VicRoads, you must have an Alcohol Interlock machine fitted to your vehicle before you drive. There is no grace period.

These machines require that you blow into them each time before you start your car. The Alcohol Interlock machine will not permit the car to start if there is any alcohol detected. Each reading will be recorded and violations will be relayed back to the Magistrate when you apply to have the alcohol interlock removed at the end of the mandatory period. If you have any violations, your application to remove the Alcohol Interlock may be refused by a Magistrate. This is because you have shown a Magistrate that you cannot separate your drinking from your driving.

To get an Alcohol Interlock installed into your car, there are a number of steps outlined by VicRoads:

  1. Find an alcohol interlock supplier that has a service agent close to your location; Draeger Safety Pacific – 1300 780 689; Guardian Interlock Systems – 1300 881 005; or Smart Start – 1300 256 900.
  2. Arrange for someone to drive you and your vehicle to the supplier/service agent
  3. Sign a lease agreement with your alcohol interlock supplier
  4. Pay to get your alcohol interlock installed
  5. Be trained by your service agent on how to use the alcohol interlock and read the instructions. Please note: Anyone else who drives the vehicle should also be trained to use the alcohol interlock and needs to follow the instructions
  6. Use your alcohol interlock as required to complete the Alcohol Interlock program
  7. Once your alcohol interlock is installed, you will have to bring your vehicle to all scheduled services (monthly) and pay the ongoing service costs.

Fees vary between suppliers but generally, you will have to pay the following costs to install and maintain your Alcohol Interlock machine:

  • Installation and Training – From $175
  • Leasing and Service Fees – From $150 per month
  • Unscheduled Service Fees – From $50
  • Removal of Interlock – From $100
  • Government Program Running Costs – $34.90 per month

Therefore, if you are sentenced to a 6 month alcohol interlock period, you will be looking at a cost of around $1500. For a 12 month period, around $2500.

Some suppliers offer Concession discounts for those on a Healthcare or Pension Card. Check with each individual supplier.


If an alcohol interlock condition was placed on your licence by a Court, then you must apply to the court for an Interlock Condition Removal Order (ICRO).

You can apply for a hearing date in the month leading up to the expiry of your Alcohol Interlock Condition. Attend your local Magistrates Court and follow the signs for the “Registry.” Tell the court officer that you wish to apply for an Interlock Condition Removal Order (ICRO).

You will need to fill out a form and pay a fee of around $100. This can be paid by cash or card. The court staff member will give you a court date where your application will be heard by a Magistrate. Your hearing date will be after your disqualification period ends, as you cannot get your licence back until after this date. This hearing date will generally be in approximately 2 weeks after the mandatory period has been served.

You will need to organise the following documents for your hearing:

  • Request a ‘Compliance Assessment Report’ (CAR) from your alcohol interlock supplier. Tell them your court date so that they know when the report will need to be finalised.
  • Request an ‘Assessment Report’ from an accredited agency. You will need to sign a release so that the assessor can obtain the interlock information from your alcohol interlock supplier. This report can only be prepared after all the information from your interlock has been downloaded/finalised.

Click the link here for a full list of accredited agencies.

Request the Interlock Removal Criteria Report (IRCR) be sent to the Court by the assessor which you will get through the AIMS program which is the management system for your interlock system.

Use the below form to assist you in preparing for your hearing at the Magistrates Court.

Helpful Guide: Application to Remove Interlock