Buy Portable & Personal Breathalysers to test your Alcohol Limit – Product Reviews & Online Deals

Drivers can buy personal breathalysers online to ensure that they don’t get caught drink driving again. Although it is important to moderate your behaviour when drinking (such as planning ahead and leaving your car at home) sometimes having one or two drinks  can lead to a grey area as to whether you should be driving.

It is important to also beware of the morning after. Many people think that they are OK to drive after having a big night out, but it often takes longer than you think for alcohol to leave your body. In many cases, if you were drinking more than one standard drink per hour, you may still have alcohol in your system well into the afternoon of the next day.

The only sure fire way to be sure of your blood alcohol content is to use a fully calibrated testing machine. There is general advice about how to measure your BAC based on drinks per hour, but this advice relies on too many factors to be completely accurate. Your sex, age and weight all plays a part as does the type of alcohol consumed (beer, wine or spirits) as well as how frequently the drinks were consumed, whether you have eaten, whether you are mixing drinks as well as your overall state of health.

If buying a personal breathalyser online, there are certain things that you must look for:

  • That the breathalyser is tested to Australian Standards (AS3547 certification)
  • That there is a fully comprehensive guide as to how to properly operate the breathalyser to ensure accurate results.
  • That there an option to re-calibrate the breathalyser (every 6-12 months) as they require ‘tuning’ in order to remain accurate.

Breathalysers vary in price, but here are  a few online stores that sell breathalysers in Australia: