Accredited Drink Driving Courses & Programs – Agency Cost & Times

Many people that have lost their licence for drink driving will have to undertake an accredited drink driver course before they can get their licence back. Sometimes these programs are ordered as part of your sentence, or sometimes they are a mandatory pre-condition in order to get your licence back.

These courses educate drivers about the effects of alcohol and how alcohol impairs driving. The courses take approximately 2 hours per session and you generally must attend on two occasions. The cost of these courses is around $200-$300 (depending on the provider you choose).

Although not always mandatory at law, it is common for a Magistrate to refuse to hear an application for a licence restoration unless the applicant has completed an accredited drink driving program. Adjourning your case delays you getting your licence back, so many people undertake these courses to make sure there are no delays once they get to court.

Ensure you obtain a copy of the report to provide to the Magistrate on the day of your application.

Click the link here for a full list of accredited agencies.