Represent Yourself in Court for Drink Driving. Tips for doing your own plea & getting your licence back

If you wish to represent yourself at court, you are perfectly entitled to do so. However, getting legal advice before going to court can often be a good idea to help you decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty. 

If you have decided to plead not guilty, you should consider consulting a lawyer as running a Contested Hearing in the Magistrates Court is a complex process with many legal rules and procedures which must be followed.

If you have decided to plead guilty, a lawyer can assist you to present a plea to the Magistrate. If you would prefer to represent yourself, here are some a handy guides which you can fill in and take to court to help you gather your thoughts.

These forms ask some questions that may be asked by the Magistrate at your plea and application to remove an alcohol interlock. The Magistrate will want to know certain things at each of these hearings, so these documents will assist you to answer the Magistrates questions clearly and concisely.

This is just a guide. Magistrates may be interested in other matters not contained in this outline. Each Plea will be determined on its own facts and the outcome will be determined by matters personal to you.

Helpful Guide: Magistrates Court Plea

Helpful Guide: Application to Remove Interlock